Bodytech Kinesiology Tape

Bodytech Kinesiology Tape is a high quality kinesiology tape for therapeutic use. Available in 5 cm wide rolls of 5 meters or 22 meters.


  • Used for rehabilitation, performance enhancing and pain relieving purposes. 
  • Can increase joint mobility.
  • Bodytech Kinesiology Tape is water repellent, self-adhesive and elastic. It can stay on for several days and affects the circulation and relief process around the clock. 
  • Reduces receptor pressure and shortens the rehabilitation period.
  • The adhesive is activated through friction after application. The tape leaves no residue on the skin and contains no latex.
  • Bodytech Kinesiology Tape is made of 100% skin-friendly cotton and the glue is acrylic-based.
  • 5 m rolls available in: Beige, black, blue, Camo and pink
  • 22 m rolls available in: Beige, black, blue and pink.


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Product range

Beige 5 m

Blue 5 m

Black 5 m

Camo 5 m

Pink 5 m

Beige 22 m

Blue 22 m

Black 22 m

Pink 22 m