GaitTec by AlfaCare

ln-Shoe Therapy shaped to match the plantar surface of the foot and used in the prevention and treatment of injury, pain, and disability, through the optimization of lower extremity function 

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Today, GaitTec is distributed by AlfaCare inn all Scandinavian countries. The products are available through, and If you are wondering about orders to other countires, please contact us by e-mail

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Until recently, our theories were based on biomechanics and concepts derived from science of Newton and the Scientific Revolution of the 17th century. We are now modifying these biomechanical theories because we understand more from neuroscience and how this relates to our therapies. Our modern technologies are also based on Neuroscience as well as Mechanics. 
GaitTec products are designed to promote sensory-kinetic effects that facilitate locomotor efficiency. Gait Optimization TM is a model and method of assessing and improving locomotor efficiency based on biomechanics and neuroscience. The GaitTec™ products are an updated version of in-shoe orthotics that are designed to be a betler tool for optimizing Gait and the efficiency of Locomotion. 
The GaitTec™ products work just as well with the mechanical principles of therapy but are designed to have better neuromotor effects. Dr. Baycroft and many of his colleagues believe that understanding Locomotion and improving functional efficiency will improve the therapy for Musculoskeletal Pain and Disability. 

Product range

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